New Beginnings

Approaching 40 (ten months & counting) seems to be having quite the effect on me!  I am determined to beat the belly and cross the line physically fitter than I have ever been before.  I am also striving to ensure I am living the life I truly desire and NOT, a life thrown at me due to years of accumulating circumstances. Granted those circumstances have been born out of the choices only I have made.  

So indeed I hold myself responsible for all the good and bad. All in all however, it is not as easy as simply deciding one day to change some of the circumstances you find yourself in.  If only that were true!   For me I need to readjust, less business more art.  Business pays the bills and brings some comfort & contentment, not a bad deal at all really.  But art is manna for my soul!!

I must make a start on this readjustment, and as you and I both know getting started is often the hardest part of any endeavour.

SO. This website, this new home of my creative work, is that start.  My goal here is to create, then post, create some more and continue posting.  I am fully aware there is a very real chance that maybe no one bar me will ever visit this site, but exposure is not the goal here.  The point is I will be motivated, creating music, imagery and words.  And in doing so I will be living the life (to some degree) I so desire.  Supplying the little crumbs of manna my soul so hungers for.

I may be a business man by day but there is always a drive to be artistic, to be expressive through creativity and performance.  

That being said, if anyone ever reads this.  Welcome to the home of my creativity, hopefully the beginning of something wonderful in my life.


Andrew Fairfowl